Watch it Pastor, Sin is not an option!

This message is aimed towards those in leadership. There are mistakes and mishaps that pastors and other leaders are making all over the body of Christ. We are saved by grace true enough, but as Christians their are some things that we should no better than to do after being in the Lord for a time. When in sim, you lead your flock to sin, which puts them out of the will of God. Being in sin can lead your flock to scatter. In the bible, prophet Jeremiah said to pastors Woe to those that scatter their flock. Jeremiah 23:1-4 When the word says woe means great sorrow and distress will come to you. Meaning you will pay for the consequences of your actions. Having sin in your life is not what God called you to. Holiness is what he called you to. This is walking out the will of God. Remember you are a leader and your actions can cause division or bring situations together. The root cause of division most times is sin and the cause for bringing a situation together is the love of God. Keep these things in mind. As a leader you are being watched because the moves you make are important so tread light and get out of sin. Because the wages of sin is death and God comes to gives us eternal life which means you can’t get eternal life not dealing with your hangups and different things that cause you to fail.


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