“Get Rid of Sin”

In the book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel prophesy’s that the Lord has no pleasure in death. What he meant was people who sin die, they have no life when they think they do. God has no pleasure in sin. The wage of sin is death. AND God comes to bring us eternal life. But if you did away with sin the word says he will create you a new heart and spirit. Ezekiel 18:31 In creating your new heart and a new spirit, there are things you won’t do anymore, place you won’t go anymore, people you use to hang out with you won’t talk to anymore. Your whole persona will change when you leave sin alone and come to GOD. God is the way to better your life. Let him in and get rid of those old habits that put you back in the same place. Giving your heart to GOd is the best thing you could ever do. One may ask Why? The answer is God won’t go back on his word and he makes you his son or daughter a holy priesthood, where you can ask him for anything and be loved by the best! So loose sin and get on track with God and let him guide you and love you through harships and trials. Be a friend of God’s let him call you friend.


One thought on ““Get Rid of Sin”

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