“The Strength from God”

God is our source for strength. He’s where you can find support. He’ll strengthen you in whatever area your weak in. He’s the one you go to first. Don’t wait for everything else to fail. Go to God first. In Psalms David called him a Hightower, a shield, a fortress, a deliverer. Psalms 144:1,2 Take refuge with God. He will be your Hightower and watch over you. As your shield he will protect you. Having God as a fortress, he will be your protection during battle. God is a deliverer, he will deliver you out of your circumstances.

At your lowest point, God will be there to give you strength and uplift you. The word says when you cry out to God he will answer you and strengthen you. Psalms 138:3. His strength will help you unlock the potential for victory. The strength from God can come to you in different ways. It can come to you physically, spiritually, and mentally. God’s strength is the thing to have after a long day from work, after a spiritual fight with enemy, after battling with thoughts of sin.


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