The word is free

If your bound, get free with the word of God. 2 Timothy 2:9 says the word of God is not bound. The word of God is free. Its spirit of freedom will break the chains off your life. There is a song called “Break Every Chain” and the lyrics says that an army is raising up. And its true an army for God is rising. In this army, we fight with the whole armor found in Ephesians 6:14-17. It notes that the word of God is our sword, with it the chains of life will break and you that are bound will be set free. As the army of the Lord we will fight against the principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness according to Ephesians 6:12. God has equipped his people to fight for him in his army where he gets the glory out of every situation, where every chain is broken. For every frown there is a smile, for every heartache there is joy, for every bad thing there is good, For every devil driven situation, there is a godly solution. Remember that God can and he stands by his word.


One thought on “The word is free

  1. A good post. The word of good is a powerful weapon to fight for what is good.

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