Get miraculous results

God can restore you. He can put back what the cankerworm has eaten. Joel 2:25 God will put back your harvest and bless you with a hundredfold return. When you restore something, you give it life. God is the creator, the life-giver. The word says he want us to have life abundantly. John 10:10 Not only does God give life, he changes our lives. He changes us impactful for the better. Let God restore you. When he restores you, he restores all of you. That broken family you’re in, he’ll mend you back together. That broken marriage/relationship he’ll work things out. Your finances are not right, he’ll come in and give you an increase. God will do an outpour of restoration and bless you in good measure and overrunning. Luke 6:38 When life is shattered, God can produce miraculous results. God is the part that wants to put you back together again. When you are broken, God is the one to lean and depend on, not your friend or your parents, nobody but God.


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