“Renew your Mind”

The fashions of this world will pass away. Don’t conform yourself to this world. Conforming means to Behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards. Don’t be held by tradition. Conforming yourself to something outside God will cause you to sin or be out of his will for your life. The word says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Roman 12:2. Going through a transformation for God will cause you to do what is good and acceptable. If you decide to sin, you will sin. If you decide to do good, you do good. This is why your mind has to be renewed. Renewing your ming puts you in the will of God. It allows you to show what is acceptable in his sight. As a Christian, one of our goals is to please God and to do his will. Knowing that he has given us everlasting life, if we do him a service of being one of his very own. Being his, does call for us to renew our minds day by day because we will become tempted to do other things. “Other things” are not always what’s correct or good in the sight of God. So we as Christians have to work to be pleasing and what is meant by that is as a servant you want the Lord to love what you do for him and how you reverence him. It’s important that we let God work on our inter-selves because your soul is at stake and the enemy will come in and try to destroy you. This is why everyday should be a new venture with God in renewing your mind bringing those thoughts into captivity to the obedience of Christ. How you can renew your mind is by the following:

1. Getting in the word and let it penetrate in the mind and spirit.
2. Prayer and Fasting: talk to God and let him talk to you.
3. Go to church and fellowship with other Christians, being around those that sin will cause you to sin.


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