“God is on your side”

Be confident in knowing that the lord is on your side. Despite of the situation, don’t fear what man will do to you. In ancient times when scripture was written, a lot of God’s people faced death and had to be strong. So in Psalms 118:6 shows the courage of a person not fearing death or whatever they faced with man in authority. Today people still face death in situations where there is violence present. People are also put in instances where they have to represent Christ and the Father in their choices. The word says God didn’t give us a spirit of fear but of power, of love, and a sound mind 2 Timothy 1:7. Don’t let the spirit of fear come in and sit with you where you become discouraged. Be of good courage and know that the Lord is with you in your circumstances.


“God sharing his wisdom”

When speaking of God don’t speak in the wisdom of man but through the demonstration of the spirit and of power. I Corinthians 2:4 Let your faith stand in the power of God and not in the wisdom of men because man can let you down. I Corinthians 2:5 BUT God won’t fail you. Ask God to let you have his wisdom. For the word says to speak the wisdom of God in mystery. The word also says that God reveals things by his spirit because the spirit search all things, especially the deep things of God. I Corinthians 2:10 As you grow a relationship with him, he will start to reveal himself in his wisdom. He will give revelation on his word and truth. Having a relationship with God entails his spiritual guidance. As the truth and wisdom is revealed to you, God is preparing you for the things to come big or small. Expect God’s greatness as he shows you evidence in your life that he is performing his word. Sometimes you go through things and you get no where, but with God expect a breakthrough. Expect for good things to happen to those who are faithful to him. Have an expectancy for goodness that only God can assure.

“The Holy Spirit”

The holy spirit was left by Jesus Christ for us as the comforter. The holy spirit leads and guides us through our walk with God. It gives us the assurance that God hears us and understands what we are trying to communicate to him. The word says the spirit helps us with our infirmities as we sometimes don’t know what to pray for. Romans 8:26 The holy spirit is of God. Its how we build our relationship and have intimacy with the Father. Jesus left the holy spirit for us not be alone. Jesus knew we needed something to build us when we are weak and heavy-hearted. The Holy Spirit communicates what God wants us to know. As he leads you, listen. He will open up your understanding about the knowledge of God. Some may ask how do you receive the Holy Spirit? The answer to that question is ask Jesus into your heart and believe in him. Make him your personal savior by saying the what is called the Sinner’s Prayer. This is called Repentance. This is how you start. Then ask God to be filled with his spirit (Holy Spirit). We need God to help and lead us and most of all lead us through the Holy Spirit.

“Get Rid of Sin”

In the book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel prophesy’s that the Lord has no pleasure in death. What he meant was people who sin die, they have no life when they think they do. God has no pleasure in sin. The wage of sin is death. AND God comes to bring us eternal life. But if you did away with sin the word says he will create you a new heart and spirit. Ezekiel 18:31 In creating your new heart and a new spirit, there are things you won’t do anymore, place you won’t go anymore, people you use to hang out with you won’t talk to anymore. Your whole persona will change when you leave sin alone and come to GOD. God is the way to better your life. Let him in and get rid of those old habits that put you back in the same place. Giving your heart to GOd is the best thing you could ever do. One may ask Why? The answer is God won’t go back on his word and he makes you his son or daughter a holy priesthood, where you can ask him for anything and be loved by the best! So loose sin and get on track with God and let him guide you and love you through harships and trials. Be a friend of God’s let him call you friend.

“Receive the Promises”

Receiving the promises of God can be fruitful if you just believe. Understand that its impossible for God to lie. Hebrews 6:18 God will fulfill all his promises that he has made to you. Abraham is an example of receiving the promise of God. God made a promise to Abraham saying blessing I will bless you, multiplying I will multiply you. The word goes on to say that Abraham patiently endured and he obtained the promise. Hebrews 6:14,15 Abraham was a great man of faith. The word says that he did not stagger at the Promise of God through unbelief, he was strong in faith and gave God the glory. In a time, where it looks like God is not going to deliver, give God the glory and have faith. Be fully persuaded that God is able to perform Romans 4:21. Because God is able to perform whatever he promises. If God says he going to heal you, he’s going to heal you. If God says he’s going to give you an increase, he will increase you. The promises of God are made manifest through faith and believing that God can. Go out and receive his promises, you can do it through faith! Associate yourself with others who receive the promises of God and let them influence you. Hebrews 6:12

Ask God for Wisdom

When moving forward in a new direction, you need to be led and guided. Having knowledge and understanding with a good sense of judgement is called wisdom. God can give you this wisdom throughout life especially when he wants to lead you in another direction himself. If you lack wisdom in something or life in general, ask God, he will give it to you. James 1:5 says “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” The word of God spells it out for us that God will give wisdom to us liberally. God is good, he has so many things to offer and give to us. Proverbs is the book of wisdom where it was written by Solomon. Solomon was a king who asked for wisdom and God grant it to him. I Kings 5:12. He is a primary example of God giving wisdom. The word says if you ask in prayer you shall receive. Matthew 20:22 You have not because you ask not. All you have to do ask!

Get miraculous results

God can restore you. He can put back what the cankerworm has eaten. Joel 2:25 God will put back your harvest and bless you with a hundredfold return. When you restore something, you give it life. God is the creator, the life-giver. The word says he want us to have life abundantly. John 10:10 Not only does God give life, he changes our lives. He changes us impactful for the better. Let God restore you. When he restores you, he restores all of you. That broken family you’re in, he’ll mend you back together. That broken marriage/relationship he’ll work things out. Your finances are not right, he’ll come in and give you an increase. God will do an outpour of restoration and bless you in good measure and overrunning. Luke 6:38 When life is shattered, God can produce miraculous results. God is the part that wants to put you back together again. When you are broken, God is the one to lean and depend on, not your friend or your parents, nobody but God.