“The Holy Spirit”

The holy spirit was left by Jesus Christ for us as the comforter. The holy spirit leads and guides us through our walk with God. It gives us the assurance that God hears us and understands what we are trying to communicate to him. The word says the spirit helps us with our infirmities as we sometimes don’t know what to pray for. Romans 8:26 The holy spirit is of God. Its how we build our relationship and have intimacy with the Father. Jesus left the holy spirit for us not be alone. Jesus knew we needed something to build us when we are weak and heavy-hearted. The Holy Spirit communicates what God wants us to know. As he leads you, listen. He will open up your understanding about the knowledge of God. Some may ask how do you receive the Holy Spirit? The answer to that question is ask Jesus into your heart and believe in him. Make him your personal savior by saying the what is called the Sinner’s Prayer. This is called Repentance. This is how you start. Then ask God to be filled with his spirit (Holy Spirit). We need God to help and lead us and most of all lead us through the Holy Spirit.