“Prayer Works”

When you pray the Lord will hear you. God honors your prayer especially during those rough times. In the scriptures, Isaiah 38 illustrates God acknowledging prayer. King Hezekiah was sick to death and Isaiah the prophet said to him that he shall die and not live. King Hezekiah prayed to God and told God to remember the good he has done in his sight. Then Isaiah came back and said the Lord heard his prayer and that 15 years had been added to his life. See how God honored Hezekiah’s prayer. God will honor your prayer the same way if only you make time and effort. Hezekiah is a great example of prayer working in a believer’s life for the good during those bad times. It pays to have communication with Lord. He said cast all your cares upon him for he cares for you. The Lord is sincere about us especially when we make our requests known unto him. Walk in truth, keep a clean heart, and do good in God sight are three things Hezekiah did and reminded God when he prayed, if it were not so God wouldn’t have granted him more time on earth. To effectively pray and get an answer we must walk in truth, have a clean heart, and do good in his sight. Walking in truth is knowing the word of God and keeping his commandments. Having a clean heart takes some effort because you have to walk in love. Doing good in God’s sight is having good actions on a regular basis, living a godly lifestyle. We should give God our time so that he can communicate with us his plan he has for our live. Prayer and spending time with him opens the door for his plan and purpose to play out in your life.


“Receive the Promises”

Receiving the promises of God can be fruitful if you just believe. Understand that its impossible for God to lie. Hebrews 6:18 God will fulfill all his promises that he has made to you. Abraham is an example of receiving the promise of God. God made a promise to Abraham saying blessing I will bless you, multiplying I will multiply you. The word goes on to say that Abraham patiently endured and he obtained the promise. Hebrews 6:14,15 Abraham was a great man of faith. The word says that he did not stagger at the Promise of God through unbelief, he was strong in faith and gave God the glory. In a time, where it looks like God is not going to deliver, give God the glory and have faith. Be fully persuaded that God is able to perform Romans 4:21. Because God is able to perform whatever he promises. If God says he going to heal you, he’s going to heal you. If God says he’s going to give you an increase, he will increase you. The promises of God are made manifest through faith and believing that God can. Go out and receive his promises, you can do it through faith! Associate yourself with others who receive the promises of God and let them influence you. Hebrews 6:12