Be holy

After becoming a servant of God, your end is everlasting life. He has given us a gift of eternal life through Christ. Romans 6:22,23 When you are a servant of God your fruit is holiness. Being holy is the result of much fasting, praying, and walking upright before the lord. Your footsteps will imitate the steps of Jesus. God wants his people to cry holy because that’s all God is. He is pure and righteous. He wants us to produce righteousness in our lives. The word tells us to cleanse ourselves from filthiness of the flesh and spirit to perfect holiness. Put away those things that are of the flesh and that’s bad for the spirit. II Corinthians 7:1 When you do things sometimes those things are spiritually connected and can have an effect on you. Be careful with what you do. Sometimes you have to fight for holiness and to keep it. Fighting for holiness is worth because of the generosity God has shown us by giving us eternal life having Christ die for our sins, and so many other things that God could be doing for you personally.


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