Settle Your Past

Thoughts will come and take you on a detour. Thoughts of your past can do that. You should learn from your past and the mistakes that are there to give bad memories. How you move is to better yourself. Understand that the same mistakes can’t happen over and over again. Try to prevent them from happening. The word tells us to take thoughts captive into the obedience of Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5 Don’t be dismayed. Think positive thoughts. Tell yourself the good things that you are and that God is going to work out what’s bad in your life. If you’re not good at something, focus on what you are good at. The word tells us to be of good cheer. Matthew 9:2 Thinking of the decisions you’ve made can have you down. Being in deep thought about these things can have you feeling lonely upset, angry, jealous, regretful, and a host of other feelings. Don’t ponder on these things because can’t change your past. Look towards your future.


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