Having to be confronted with devastating health challenges, and wounds from battles you fought, know that God will heal you. The scripture Jeremiah 30:17 discusses having something incurable where God says he will restore health unto you. He will heal you of your wounds that you got battling life. This is where God gives us understanding that he will be there during the tough times. He is there! He’s omnipresent and all – knowing. The word says the keeper of Israel shall not slumber nor sleep in Psalms 121:5. God can lift you up out of your circumstances. He knows your expected end. God has already had thoughts of peace and not of evil according to Jeremiah 29:10. He know what’s in store for your life. God is a deliverer, a healer, and a way maker. Lean and depend on God for all the answers when the doctor gives you their report and when people hurt you and leave wounds. Have faith and believe. Know that God can heal you. He can heal you of the doctor’s report and of the wounds that can’t heal on their own. He will bring what the doctors can’t cure back to health. God will heal wounds that the therapist can’t help you solve. Let God be your problem – solver.


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